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January 1, 2022

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I will write blogs on a regular basis so you get access to educational content. Learn more about sustainable homes and how they can have a positive impact on yourself & your family. Happy reading!!! 
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I am Claudia from Coolspaces

Great news for 2022! Our Show-Home in Christchurch is coming up. We had a small launch in December last year with our clients and suppliers, which was a fantastic outcome. Now we want to keep that momentum and update you on a regular basis with this project.

Most of us are still having their break, but our team is already working on this year’s content that you benefit from the knowledge that we share with you.

CoolSpaces guides you through the whole project and with images or videos we explain, why we do the things we do and that there are different ways to achieve a healthy, sustainable home.

Where are we with our current project with our clients?

Well, we had a meeting in November 2021 and Bevan & Amy, who have a section in Christchurch. Both wanted something different than a standard home. I introduced them to the KOTO Design idea and showed them their website and their philosophy. The couple agreed that this is the path they want to go and it’s pretty aligned with their values and ethics.

Bevan has an amazing business, called FrontalLobe, is based in Christchurch and creates amazing custom-made furniture pieces, which are beautiful and unique with a sustainability focus in mind. Bevan and his business partner Andrew will do the internal fit-out of the Show-Home to demonstrate their creativity of these young fine men. Of course they create furniture pieces, which are designed & made for this Show-Home and will be available to purchase. We will keep you posted on the designs & prototypes and update you on our social media channels and on our e-mail list.

Having the sketches for their home sorted, now the proper concept & working drawings need to be done, to be able to submit it to the council. The only hold back is at this stage, that our clients are waiting on their title for their section. Hopefully this is not too far away, that we can get started early January 2022.

A little bit more about myself and CoolSpaces.

My name is Claudia Elisabeth Kaltenstadler, I am passionate about sustainable housing & I am an Environmental Consultant with my original brand Harakeke Consultants. It was not enough for my clients & myself, so CoolSpaces has been established during the lockdown 2020, to offer Small, Architectural Designed Prefab Homes, carefully created by International & National Architects, who are as passionate to build a healthy warm home as I am for people like you and me. Through my meticulous planning scrupulous research & a commitment to work with the best, most ethical, people together, I am excited to go on a new journey. My daughter, Elena is a sustainable-design evangelist who also contributes her skills as a photographer and digital native. She is the future generation, who inspired me to work hard to share my knowledge with as many Kiwis as I can.

Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail, if you have questions or thinking about building.

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