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We do this really incredible thing, and we're great at it because we care more than anyone else about getting you the kind of results you're looking for, no matter what. 

“Buy less, choose well, make it last. “
                     Vivienne Westwood

Ethics touch every part of our home lives and well-being. From the quality of the indoor air we breathe to thermal and visual comfort, to the contentment that comes from living in a non toxic-free home, through consistent research on our products with the life cycle and maintenance costs in mind for yourself & your future generations. 

So far Claudia has been super helpful with planning our high performance home, her knowledge in this area is huge and I can honestly say Claudia has taken away a load of stress for me. 

- Mandy - 

Inquire about your project

We're currently working on our next show home, designed by Koto Design/UK. If you want to know more about it, please send us a message. If you have your own design, but you want us to organize the build, please inquire with more details about your project and we'll set up a consultation to determine if we're the right fit.