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January 12, 2022

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I am Claudia from Coolspaces

We dream about homes from when we are quite small. The door, the path, the garden, perhaps the kitchen – then it gets a little vague. As adults it gains structure and solidity – fueled by what we watch and read. We want light. We want warmth. We want that sink we saw on an architecture blog. We check out Pinterest – a lot. But we are also aware of the need to balance those with down to earth priorities; like cost, the environment and our future. At CoolSpaces our goal is to realize those dreams and that’s why we want to list you the 5 common mistakes when you Design & Build your home.

We highlight the most important ones, but feel free to connect with us on Social Media or on our website.

#1 Mistake/Product Choice

We all have busy lives, but when it comes to building a home we need to do our research. Take your time to research, before you approach any of the professionals. Why? Many professionals have knowledge about specific materials, but they are not familiar with different products and give you only a part of the advice. Make yourself a list, what the pros & cons of the construction materials are, so you can make an informed decision. Find professionals, who are open to explore other construction methods, because there are many ways of building an energy efficient home, not just one.

#2 Mistake/Project Brief

Ask the hard questions when you meet professionals, that you feel comfortable with their level of experience. Don’t be shy, it’s your home and investment. Be clear what you want and make a list, what is important to you. I have prepared a project brief for you, please click here: https://sway.office.com/A6FJ1w2GzqAnejxH?ref=Link

Make notes what you said or what the architect or builder said, that you can recall it. It’s all about communication & active listening. Be clear on your budget, what you have for the build or for your septic tank, solar panels or rain water tanks etc. The clearer you communicate that, the better the outcome.

#3 Mistake/Costs

Ask the architect for their cost up front and what they offer you. You need to understand what you get & how their process works. Do they charge you by %, which is always uncertainty for you, or do they ask for a fixed price? Do they give you a budget pricing after the concept drawing or do they finish the working drawings first to give you an overall cost estimation?

Be aware! Don’t accept to get pricing done after the working drawings, because you have no idea, if you stay in your budget. It gives you more certainty where you at with your pricing and if it goes North or South.

#4 Mistake/.Budget

If you are on a tight budget, make sure the design is simple and you don’t have complex connections for walls, roof or foundation. First it’s a potential heat loss, second it’s extra labor for the builder. Tip: When you talk with your builder, approach him already at the concept design phase, because he can give your architect feedback to keep it simple and cost effective.

#5 Mistake/Contract-Insurance

When it comes to your building contract, make sure the builder shows you all the insurances and they are up to date. Ask, how they handle the situation, if you pay the deposit, but they have to liquidate the company. There insurances in place, which will cover it.

There is more to share, but we offer tutorials on a regular basis and we also share our knowledge with the building of our upcoming Show Home on a monthly basis. Visit us on Social Media to get the links and we are looking forward to seeing you at our events.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

“The CoolSpaces Team”

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