What is a Modular Construction?


December 12, 2021

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I am Claudia from Coolspaces

-A modular home construction does exist for a while and our team is focusing on Building Science, to create a Healthy, Energy Efficient Home for New Zealand’s climate conditions.

-Some of our team members are from Germany and others have been overseas for years in the building industry. We still have got connections to the industry, to get the newest innovations and updates.

-One of our Architectural Designers is a German Master Carpenter & Technician. His is very familiar with the Germany Construction Method and others are familiar with Structural Insulated Panels which has been known in the US & in some areas of Europe as well.

-Our team will assemble the wall panels, to enclose the building faster to protect the house against the weather. We want to build houses all year around and avoid time constraints.

-We cut down holding costs, through our Modular System, so you can save money.

-We offer Structural Insulated Panels at the moment, but we are open for timber frame construction as well, however we will offer only 140mm timber stud frame construction, to warrant you a warm & healthy home.

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