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Together we work with international and national architects individually selected by Claudia. All Architects are chosen for their ability, imagination, integrity and
 alignment with a commitment to homes that optimize joy, respect the value of space and walking gently on the earth, and honor enduring and thoughtfully-scaled design. They also stand behind everything they create.


THE GOAL is very simple. We're here to help you FALL IN LOVE with your OWN HOME

Our Mission: Build & offer the most sustainable products, cause no unnecessary harm, use our business to inspire, implement solutions to the economical, social & environmental issues.

THE GOAL is very simple.We're here to help you FALL IN LOVE with your OWN HOME

Hello there.
Here is Claudia & Elena.

Sustainable House Campaigner & Environmental Consultant. We offer Small, Architectural, Quality, Luxury,  Prefab Homes, designed by National & International Architects

There’s quite a history to the company. 
 As a new-comer to New Zealand in 2006, Claudia was taken aback by the lack of quality, sustainable, energy efficient homes. It was something she wanted to change and has worked very hard to achieve.

CoolSpaces is the result.

my favorite part of my job? the look on your Face and see that you are so excited about your new home.


write my goals daily
Nature inspires me 
PETs? Love; love; love them
ALWAYS eager to learn & grow
love my daily Coffee
always wearing black 
secretly great at artwork

The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.

- gerard louise




natural elements

simple furnitue


Ready to make your space a place you can't wait to get home to?

For clients, Claudia is also the pivot-point, the safe pair of hands and sympathetic ear providing personal, efficient and thorough project liaison and process management, that takes clients from home wishing and dreaming, through design choice and crafting, to complete home realization.

let's work together