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December 12, 2021

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“The Mountain Refuge” design poses the perfect opportunity to get away from the fast life.

Designed by Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, this cabin was inspired by traditional archetypes and translated into a modern escape using established methods to help occupants create a bond & connection with nature, while maintaining a perfect balance between sustainability and design. The incredibly large front facing window plays an essential role in this as it bridges the indoors with the outside world right there at your fingertips.

While this design element praises any mountain ridge, it’s open plan layout creates absolutely stunning views no matter what terrain. This is an incredibly crucial part of the architect’s aim to help humanity reconnect with Mother Nature. This is why each module is an independent structure, allowing freedom of configuration and expansion. This means that different layout configurations offer occupants the opportunity to “manage spaces” according to their needs.

To give you an idea of what can be done, renders were created by Massimo & Paolo envisioning elements such as a hanging fireplace surrounded by naturally sourced stools made from tree stumps. The living room and kitchen have been pulled together with a small kitchenette, sink and stove, while a small but still roomy bathroom with a shower and sink can be added. Another option is to create a wrap around deck for summer or a beautiful rustic hot tub for winter. The possibilities are endless!!!

This design also looks towards energy self sufficiency, one of these being the roofs ability to host photovoltaic panels due to its sharp pitch, which creates electricity and heated water. This can easily be done by placing the batteries of these panels underneath the cabin in the 40cm gap beneath it. The option to collect your own rain water and use a natural toilet also gives you the freedom to live off-grid in this incredibly well thought out design.

It has been made clear by both Gnocchi & Danesi that this prefabricated, tiny home start up has no intentions of becoming a design item, nor technological system.

If you are interested in to find out more, contact us on: info@harakekeconsultants.co.nz

“The Mountain Refuge Cabin”

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