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December 8, 2021

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I am Claudia from Coolspaces

Sustainable. Energy Efficient. Off-Grid. Noticeably, these words are so easily thrown around the housing market, but here, they have genuine meaning.

KOTO (meaning ‘cozy at home’ in Finnish) co-founders Zoe, Johnathon and Theo strive to stay true to this and change mindsets around the world through their off-grid/on grid, carbon neutral modular homes, offices or cabins.

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian/Norwegian Hyttes, this brand aims to create minimalistic housing that challenges our thinking and mindfullness surrounding the environments we find ourselves in. Therefore, it is equally important for us to value our unique connection with nature and to take care of our spiritual/mental well-being which is what these projects stand for.

It is also very important to KOTO that every room is an experience. Each space has a separate design exertion which has made for unique affairs in each part of your home, as well as creating flexible locations to relax and disconnect. Strategically placed windows flood natural light through these spaces, and the minimalist interior design makes for a clean living aesthetic. This comes from the Japanese design which KOTO have blended with their Nordic style, especially Wabi-sabi, which finds beauty in imperfection. An example of this would be of the Shou Sugi Ban process which protects the exterior wood and gives it a charcoal color.

As part of the package, Koto provides their clients with custom-tailored architectural services as well as their beautifully crafted buildings, whether a prefab home, office or cabin, to the highest standard. Any of these can be “off the shelf designs” or specifically made to suit you and your budget. The modular concept also allows for buildings like the cabins to be incredibly flexible with space as there is the freedom of having a 1-4 bed combinations with additional add ons such as saunas or outside showers.

Just an update for people who love Koto. CoolSpaces is currently working with Koto on a design for one of our clients, who is keen to work with us on a Show Home. We are just waiting for the finalized concept drawings to be able to share them with you. Our team will update you asap. Thanks! The CoolSpaces – Team!!!

CoolSpaces don’t own the right’s for those designs!

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