How Henry Ford’s legacy helps our industry


December 8, 2021

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I am Claudia from Coolspaces

If I asked you what sectors small home builders could learn from – car manufacturing probably wouldn’t spring to mind.

But here’s the thing.

Imagine, for a second, if every car was built, individually, from scratch.

Think of the massive waste in labour and materials and transport.
The time.
The environmental footprint.
And the huge cost!

Car manufactures, starting with Henry Ford, have shown us that excellence in design
and performance can work hand in hand with assembly line precision. There’re no
compromises. Innovation is continuous. And eco-responsibility is increasingly built-
in. (OK, not as fast as we’d all like. But it’s getting there.)

And you can still choose your car’s model, color, additional extras, and accessories.
And, for those who truly want a bespoke car, that’s still an option.

At CoolSpaces we take an agnostic approach to the building of small homes. If there
is a way to help more people affordably achieve their dream of home ownership,
while upholding our commitments to quality design, sustainability and building
excellence we embrace it. And that includes achieving build efficiencies.

Our selected master craftsmen and national and international architects combine art,
expertise and discipline to imagine and create spaces in a way that is inspiring,
energy and time efficient and which, most importantly, makes everyone feel good

And, like new cars, your new home comes with a heart-lifting brand-new smell!

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