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December 7, 2021

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I am Claudia from Coolspaces

As far back as I can remember, sustainability and energy efficiency were pare of living. In Europe you didn’t even think about it. 

When I moved to New Zealand, I was in for a shock. And not just the power bills! I was convinced that there should be a way for most people to be able to afford an energy efficient, beautiful home, with a footprint that reflects our needs, environmental realities and the need to avoid waste in all its forms. 

Telling people how to suck eggs was not what I was all about. I love this country and I genuinely want the best for everyone who lives here – not just the fortunate few who were able to afford the first wave of environmental homes.

It’s taken a while. A lot of research. And a big commitment. But I think we’re there. With some great local and international architects on board, builders, master craftsmen, who are among the best & most committed you’ll find anywhere. 

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve got my kids onboard. After all, they’re the ones, who’ll be looking out for the future of this country.  

Kia Kaha


“Architecture inspired by Nature”

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