Do we need a Ventilation System for our airtight homes?


June 10, 2022

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Whether you use Structural Insulated Panels or a 140mm timber frame construction with a higher R-Value, don’t forget your house will be airtight and you create condensation on the inside. We even see it on standard builds, that people complain about the moisture on their windows or damp curtains etc. So this issue very common and you only get rid of it with a good quality Ventilation System. If someone tells you, you won’t need it, you save on the wrong angle of your project. Rather install a cheaper kitchen or floor, because that’s what you can change, but a ventilation system is easier to install during your build.

Our team from CoolSpaces has made the decision to choose a good quality system and we are working with “The Heating Company” in Auckland, who has different systems to choose from.

  1. De-centralized Heat Recovery Ventilation from Lunos
  • Up to 92% heat recovery
  • Decentralized ventilation – suitable for new builds and renovations
  • Supplies fresh air from outside to in your home or office
  • Compact fan ensures easy inspection and maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Installed in pairs
  • Reduces CO2 level
  • Ideal for Tiny Homes and small homes

2. Centralized Heat Recovery Ventilation from Lunos

  • A heat recovery unit is nothing else than an air handling unit equipped with a heat recovery exchanger. It is designed for efficient and effective air exchange in the premises, in other words, to extract stale and supply fresh air. At the same time, it recovers heat from extracted air. 
  • Centralized Ventilation unit with heat recovery is ideal for bigger homes or commercial buildings
  • Up to 92% heat recovery
  • Ducted installation
  • Additional accessories include CO2 sensor

If you have a project coming up, whether that is a renovation or a new build, talk with the professionals what you need and get a quote from them. Their customer service is excellent and they are nationwide.

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