Why Timber Windows from Megrame?


May 20, 2022

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Timber Frame Windows from Megrame International


The old attitude of wooden windows, meaning “short life & high maintenance” has been banished as time proves to be the option that can outlast all others. The timber what Megrame uses to manufacture their products is carefully selected & treated. With correct installation, proper maintenance their products will last for several decades. All timber windows & doors from Megrame are made to measure and can be fitted in a complete range of opening and closing solutions. Megrame’s correctly designed, manufactured windows are delivered fully finished and glazed prior to a careful installation, which gives clients a high quality product, which benefit their homes for years to come.


People are becoming more aware of their environment and looking for natural products, when choosing windows & doors for their home. People don’t have to compromise on quality, durability, style, shape or color on timber windows & doors. High quality timber is increasingly the first choice of an architect or designer, especially if it is a sustainable & a durable product. Megrame is only using the highest quality knot free timber with a moisture content of 12% +/- 2, which is far lower than our timber frame to build houses in New Zealand. When Megrame manufactures their timber & doors, their product consists a minimum of 60% hardwood from sustainable forests from Scandinavia, where the trees grow slowly, naturally and no fertilizer is used. Megrame uses only triple layer wood. Three layer are used, because this technology prevents the windows frame from warping and increases the lifetime of the windows. The outer layers are radial or half radial cut, this method protects timber surfaces from wood splitting. Timber species are available:

Pine (finger joint or solid)







These species have proven to be extremely stable over time and will deliver years of trouble free service.

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