The Key Benefits Of A Non-Toxic Home!


February 2, 2022

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Why is it so important to or understand which products will be built in my new house?


Of course that is the obvious one, but what is actually going on in the house? Well, when your house is air-tight, (It means you won’t have any heat-loss or the heat cannot get into your house) you breathe in the paint, which can harm your lungs. A non-toxic paint, won’t do any harm which is re-assuring and gives you the peace of mind, that you are safe. With help of a ventilation system the smell will be gone in a short period of time.

#Event of Fire

If your house catches fire, what ever which reason, the first thing is you will breathe toxic chemicals and most of the time you cannot make it out of the house anymore, because you already suffocate. So make sure, you buy furniture from sustainable materials and don’t buy the cheap furniture, which contains Polyurethane.


Recent studies shows that people in New Zealand want to buy or build a sustainable, healthy home. The survey which was 58% showed that there is serious interest. Make it appealing to your next buyer and point out the benefits, why they should buy your home.


Last year we have seen some extraordinary growth with property sales, but in saying that, Energy Efficient Homes got up to 20% more in value. The demand is there and if the market corrects itself, these homes will be more desirable than others.

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