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 Enjoy some of our go-to biz resources (and favorite Designs & Builds!) to help you in your journey. CoolSpaces want to make sure, you have all the tools and resources, before you start with your own design & build. Do your research on different products, explore the quality and avoid the greenwash, because you pay the price. 

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The Koto studio co-founded by Zoe, Johnathon and Theo, design modular houses, cabins and sculptural small buildings, with each one drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design. and culture.

Designed by Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, this cabin was inspired by traditional archetypes, while maintaining a perfect balance between sustainability and design.

The Lithuanian Timber windows & door factory produces the highest quality, that you can get. From double to triple glazing, Argon filled and low E glass you name it. We work with our local distributor NH-Design together to get it directly from the importer. 

An energy efficient home needs a Heat Recovery Ventilation System to give you fresh air into your home and get your moisture of your home rid of it. You do yourself & your family a big favor. It's worth to install it, whether a new build or reno, it won't matter. 

What are SIPS?
Each panel is a sandwich of a rigid panel glued to both sides of solid insulation. This replaces the whole timber frame and batts used in stick construction. 

Meet Bevan & Andrew from Frontal Lobe. Both are passionate about sustainability and non toxic products. From expandable table, to custom made chairs, lamps or shelves it won't matter. Everything is possible to get from this amazing team. 

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TOOLS for your Design & Build

Highly Recommended

Art Work & Cooking

I love artwork & cooking, if I have time. I also love leather carving and have done abstract art, especially with NZ influences. Pear Tree Lane does artwork & cooking classes & Penny is amazing.  

Business & Personal Faves

There is a little bit more about me being in Business or my Personal faves. Sadly my business takes so much time, it's like another child to nurture until it's able to stand on its own feet. What are my goals, that I want to achieve? I might inspire you, you never know. See below some of my favorite things I like to do or work on.  

Design & Build

Being in the industry since 1993, I have been through ups & downs, but never gave up on my goal to provide sustainable homes for people. 

Learn & Grow

Now my kids are young adults, now I feel it's my time. I have signed up for a business course to get support. Learn how I can serve more people to achieve my vision & mission. 

Sustainable Housing

We have a fantastic team of professionals, who want to work with us on Sustainable Developments. The key person for that is Tom Dickie. What a Gem in our team. 

NFT Real Estate

Give people more options to find alternative finance to build or buy a home. It's just the beginning, but I am working with my team on it. 

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I have 2 rescue dogs & horse & support our local SPCA, because they are in need to find a good home for homeless animals. Get a rescue dog or cat to give them a loving home.  

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I love travel to learn more about different cultures, tradition & food.

10x Ladies

What a great opportunity to meet like minded women from all over the world in Miami next year. 

Tonic Site Shop

The best websites around, hands down...

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BUSINESS & Personal

Have a look at our concept drawings and see if you can find the right design for you. If you want a custom made design & build, we can help you with that as well. 


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Steal My Launch Guide

We hear it over & over again, that people a scared to get started with their journey, because they don't know how safely go through the process, without any huge surprises or where they  should do their research or even understand value for money. We give you a complete guide with all the steps, research, products and the do's & don'ts. Register your interest, you will be the first one, to get a copy from me. 

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Need to know basis before you Design & Build

fREE Guide

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