- Albert Einstein

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

Below we put different designs & Prefab Homes from around the world together to inspire you for your next project.
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Logic can be anything that is strongly based on proven principles and backed by facts.
On the other hand, Imagination is something that may or may not be based on facts or proven yet. It’s like trying to discover a whole new thing or idea which is not proven by anyone else.
Imagination is the ability to start something new from the scratch. While logic is something that is applied based on knowledge and principles.
Imagination has no boundaries
Logic will get you from A to B, while Imagination has no boundaries. Imagination makes things happen.
Imagination can take you anywhere and it can make even the hardest thing possible.
Remember, Imagination and strong determination had enabled the Wright brothers to invent the first successful airplane.
Imagination is all about challenging boundaries.

Meaning of this quote:
According to Oxford Reference, logic is reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

So what does it really mean?

Designed by Architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, this cabin was inspired by traditional archetypes and translated into a modern escape, the passion for the structures adding architectural character and spatial diversity. The first prefabrication in the factory happens in Spain by Octagon Trade.

"The Mountain Refuge Cabin"


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Made to maximize new landscape experiences, Retreat in Finca Aguy was prefab-born in a factory near Montevideo and transported 200km to its final destination in Pueblo Edén on the edge of an olive field. Perfect combination of industry and landscape: new kinds of landscapes deserve new ways of dwelling.

Retreat in Finca Aguy by Mapa Architects


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The Dolphin Sands Studio was required to provide short-term [1-2 months] accommodation for travellers from overseas – and so provide everything needed for an easy occupation of the site. From landing in Tassie, driving the coast road, arriving on site and walking the winding path to the Studio, the journey is intended as one of shedding, the noise and demands, to find a place of peace and calm. While the footprint, at 36m2, is small, the form opens in both plan and section, allowing the volume to feel expansive.

Dolphin Sands Studio by Matt Williams Architects


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Architecture studio MAPA has revealed the latest project from its prefabricated building company Mini-mod, a pair of factory-made houses at an estate surrounded by mountains in Brazil.
The Brazil- and Uruguay-based firm has installed two small guesthouses at the Fazenda Catuçaba estate – a historic coffee plantation on the edge of a nature reserve between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

MAPA builds two prefabricated houses in Brazil


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Muji has launched a single-storey prefabricated home called Yō no Ie that has a large outdoor deck to encourage indoor-outdoor living.
Yō no Ie, or Plain House, is intended for use in rural settings and is the first stair-free dwelling in Muji's line of prefabricated timber homes that launched in 2004.
The 74-square-metre structure responds to a growing demand for low-profile homes in suburban Japan, and the retail company hopes it will provide "a wide range of generations" with more choices of places to live.

Muji’s newest prefab home


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This solitary wooden cottage on the Norwegian island of Vega was designed by Swedish studio Kolman Boye Architects to resemble the weather-beaten boathouses that are dotted along the island's coastline.
The traditional sheds, known as Naust, are common to Norway's seaside towns and villages, so architects Erik Kolman Janouch and Victor Boye Julebäk decided to pay tribute by creating a small residence that resembles a pair of cabins.

Vega Cottage by Kolman Boye Architects 


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The Future Proof
 ......while creating what you need right now. Perhaps you can see family on the radar – little ones, or parents needing care. With a little thought it costs no more to allow for that eventuality now and build it a bit further down the track.

With CoolSpaces it's perfectly possible to design for the future......

The Build
......around New Zealand, they use honest, ethical products. These are sustainably sourced for durability and performance. In choosing our materials, we always look for lasting quality and our constant research means any new options are thoroughly appraised and can be incorporated and woven-in.

To create a CoolSpace we have accredited, hand-picked, skilled builders & craftsmen...... 

The Price
That’s reasonable – it’s a big step. We’ll give you a ballpark cost right off the bat. So you know around the figure you’re up for. It may change, depending on what’s added to the build but at least you have an idea of where you stand. Please note: Any additional costs are dependent on your site and location. Don't forget engineering, foundation requirements, development contribution fees, council fees and specific related costs to your section, which you need to do the research before you go ahead with your working drawings. 

Everyone is cost-conscious when they are building.....

The design
 But actualising them, takes a lot of planning and discipline. Our architects, in New Zealand and around the globe, have dedicated their lives to imagining and creating the most, out of beautiful designs and considered uses of space. And, if there are a few changes you’d like to make, to make them your own, that’s completely do-able.

Dreams are terrific.....

The Research
At CoolSpaces we are always reviewing and improving what exists, sharing knowledge, and looking at global trends and ways to make living better. When something innovative comes up – we’ll be sure to tell you. And to get our hands on it!

Learning is a lifetime skill & new ideas are a constant......

The Test
One of our goals is to provide you a small home to test live, having the ability to spend a weekend – or maybe a little longer - trying a home before you make your commitment. This gives you an opportunity to experience how it feels to you, how it will suit your life and your lifestyle. We are currently working on a project in the South Island in an amazing setting.
Updates are coming! 

Explore a sustainable, healthy home...... 

The Dream
The door, the path, the garden, perhaps the kitchen – then it gets a little vague. As adults it gains structure and solidity – fuelled by what we watch and read. We want light. We want warmth. We want that sink we saw on an architecture blog. We check out Pinterest – a lot. But we are also aware of the need to balance those with down-to-earth priorities; like cost, the environment and our future. At CoolSpaces our goal is to realise those dreams.

We dream about homes from when we are quite small. ....

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