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Women in construction

It is a man dominated industry, but I didn't want to accept the fact that women can be as successful as men & work well with professionals together.

Since I am here in New Zealand, it is harder to be accepted as a woman in the building industry, that I have thought. Even having experience back from Germany, it took a while that people take you seriously. At the same time, I have nothing to proof to anyone, so it has been a great time to understand NZ's regulations & professionals. The question, that I asked myself many times: Are professionals happy to improve other people's lives or are they only interested in making money? Bare with me on this for a while: Haven't we learned, that a business should be here to provide a solution & a purpose? What about a mission or vision statement? Where are the values? Sadly most professionals, that I have met, don't have even a mission or vision statement neither focus on solutions. The few they do, I work with them together and feel like there is no difference between man or a woman. It's about the common goal to enhance the quality of housing and improve the quality of live for people of New Zealand. That's what makes me proud to work in the industry and have a positive impact. 

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