Your office can be ideally on your backyard. Working from homes, is so rewarding, since I have decided working from home. You can have it off-grid or you connect the power to your house with a campervan plug. Simple and easy. If you want to connect plumbing, be aware you need to consent. In some cases the council let you get away if you go off-grid, however you need to get clarification on that. 

What do you get? 

"The Office Cube"

1. Concept Drawings/Renders
2.Adjustments to your section & sun-study 
3. Elevations/ Window Schedule
4. Cross Sections
5. Concepts on Pile Foundation or Concrete
6. Budget Pricing for your project
8. Guidance on Products/Pricing
9. Articles/Blogs on Social Media
10.Extra Bonus through lead generation with your project. Talk with us to find out more. 

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